Tiffany Tailor
Tiffany Head
Name Tiffany Tailor
Gender Female
Marital Status Single
Current Job Cook
Residency/Household The Gals Household
Life Stage YA
Life State Human
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Created by Icecream18

Tiffany Tailor is Wutdoyawant's OC, made in Sims 3 by Icecream18, living in his version of Isla Paradiso.


  • Can’t Stand Art
  • Friendly
  • Computer Whiz
  • Genius
  • Social Butterfly



  • She is up for download here.
  • As a child (the way she appears in Icecream's Barnacle Bay), she had the Genius, Computer Whiz, and the Social Butterfly traits.
  • She became adventerous when she aged into a teen, and Can't Stand Art as a YA. Later, she got bored of the adventerous trait and became friendly(using cheats).
  • She was born in Barnacle Bay
  • In Barnacle Bay, when she becomes a teen, she might date Adrian Lobos!
  • She also might cheat on him with Zack Gunnshot(Icecream's OC used in other RP's), but this is less likely.