You all know Pleasantview, right? The first neighborhood from The Sims 2? We all know that the Goths, Pleasants, and Burbs return. We know that several new families, the Oldies, Lothario, Calientes, Broke, and Dreamers, joined. Usually, players make everything normal, but I made things a little bit wacky. Here's my Pleasantview!


Goth FamilyEdit

Mortimer GothEdit

Old Mortimer Goth, lost his wife Bella years ago. He moved on. He married Dina Caliente! Soon after, they had twins, Katie and Ray. However, he soon died in a fire. He now lays in his cemetery at his home.

Cassandra GothEdit

When the wedding moved to Don Lothario's house, she left Don at the altar. But not before getting pregnant! After leaving him, she soon found out she had a baby coming. She had her first son, Vladimir. Angered at her father for marrying Dina Caliente, she moved out and met Matthew Kellen and his daughter, Keysha. His previous wife, Samantha, died before. Cassandra and Matthew soon got married and had twins, Anabelle and Kevin. After many years, Keysha and Vladimir went off to college and they soon had another set of twins.

Alexander GothEdit

Poor Alexander, got left by Cassandra to be taken care of by his elder father and gold-digger step-mother. Then his father died. You would think he would be the saddest child in the world, huh? WRONG. He had a crush on his step-mother and in teens, almost fell in love! He snuck into her bed once and........ you probably know. He went off to college and fell in love with Lucy Burb.

Caliente FamilyEdit

Lothario FamilyEdit

Pleasant FamilyEdit

Broke FamilyEdit

Dreamer FamilyEdit

Burb FamilyEdit

Oldies FamilyEdit

Herb and Coral Oldies moved into the outskirts of town, but soon died of old age....

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