Pleasantview is a town in The Sims 3 that Sumaes01 downloaded off of The Sims 3 website. You can download it here. "A lot has happened in 25 years, but some new faces in town are stirring up rivalries and creating tensions for the once happy famalies. Can anything be done to get the neighborhood feeling good again?" is the town's description.

Families That Sumaes01 Added to The TownEdit

NOTE: The town doesn't come with families when you download it. You have to add them yourself.

  • Broke Family - The Brokes are a little broke. Even if they don't have money, they'll still have each other- for now... - Skip Broke, Brandi Broke, Dustin Broke, and Beau Broke.
  • Langerak Family - Kaylynn Langerak thought being a maid was going to be hard. She was wrong, but that doesn't mean she'll be wrong about thinking being a nanny will be hard. - Kaylynn Langerak and her many children.
  • Twins & Cousins Household - These are the Caliente girls and the Broke girls. They grouped together in one household because they are all HOT and POOR. - Mina Caliente, Dina Caliente, Ruby Broke, and Susie Broke.
  • Lothario Family - So many ladies, so little time. When Don Lothario isn't thinking about ladies, he's sleeping. When he's sleeping, he's DREAMING about ladies. - Don Lothario.
  • More Soon...