Star-Ella Creecher is a female young adult living in Secretive13's Bridgeport. Originally, her family once lived in Barnacle Bay(she and Creepie were actually born there!) but a tragic accident happened to their parents when they were teens. Since then, she was mourning for her beloved mom and dad. She used to date someone back in Sunset Valley, but they broke up, making her cry more. After living in Sunset Valley for awhile with Creepie, they both move to the bustling town of Bridgeport(Creepie has a job;Star-Ella only moved there so she could party and find the right guy though she has a job in the Fashion profession). Star-Ella has a bubbly personality and can be a bit of an airhead which is how most guys fall for her.


  • Food: Lobster Thermidor
  • Color: Pink
  • Music: Kids


  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Over-Emotional
  • Excitable
  • Family-Oriented
  • Great Kisser


It's a Girl!

It's Lulu Anne! The healthy baby girl is the newest and youngest member of the The Creecher Twins clan. The entire family is now resting and looking forward to the months ahead.

Couple Married In Quaint Ceremony

Local inhabitants Star-Ella Creecher and Charlie Party were married yesterday in a small ceremony. "We didn't want a lot of people nosing about our first hours as a married couple," said Star-Ella Creecher. "Kissing in front of a large group is just...gross".

Bouncing Baby Boy Born

Last night, the Creecher household welcomed a healthy 7.5 pound baby boy named Drake to the household. The child is now resting at home comfortably.

Bouncing Baby Boy Born

Last night, the Creecher household welcomed a healthy 7.5 pound baby boy named Jacques to the household. The child is now resting at home comfortably.


Major News! Rumors are spreading around town that Star-Ella Creecher had a child out of wedlock.


  • It is unknown who Star-Ella dated back in Sunset Valley.
  • When you play as her and you look at her relationship panel, you can see she is in a lot of relationships with the male Sims (at least the Young Adult, Adult, and Elder Sims). One of her boyfriends includes Charlie Party.
  • Her last name, "Creecher", is a pun of the word, "Creature".
  • If you look at her bio, it'll say that "vampires freaked her out since she was a kid". Strangely, she is in a few relationships with the local male vampires and in a friendship with Jessica Talon.
  • Also,it is strange that she is afraid of vampires when there are none in Sunset Valley when she was a child. She might have possibly been scared by the ones on the television though.
  • Her appearance in both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 look different. In Sims 2, she has short red(but not really red) hair with no black streaks, has blue eyshadow, white face blush,and black lipstick. Her outfit consists of a red shirt with unicorns on it with a shiny red skirt with black knee-length boots and black choker. In Sims 3, she has real red hair with black streaks(the appearance of the hair looks different),and her makeup consists of pink eyeshadow and black lipstick. Her outfit is a short black and white diagonal striped dress with knee-length boots(with pointy heels) and wears a skull medal choker. Her eye color stays the same in both games which is a slight blue.


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