Star-Ella Creecher is a female teen living in Middlington. She is in alot of relationships with the male teens but she mostly likes Alejandro Buerromuerto and Charlie Party. Still, she tries to keep her lovers away from each other and finding out about Star-Ella two-timing them. She is best friends with her dad, friends with her mom, and slight acquaintances with her sister Creepie.


  • Learned How To Talk
  • Learned How To Walk
  • Learned How To Be Potty-Trained
  • Made Best Friends With Dad
  • Grew Up Well
  • Met Charlie
  • Made Best Friends With Charlie
  • Met Alejandro
  • Got An A report card
  • Creepie Got An A report card
  • Grew Up Well
  • Went Steady With Other Guys
  • Had An Affair With Other Guys
  • Went To College
  • Creepie Went To College
  • Had First Kiss Rejected by Alejandro
  • Had Very First Kiss With Alejandro
  • Kissed Alejandro For The First Time
  • Kissed Charlie For The First Time
  • Had An Affair With Charlie
  • Got Caught Cheating By Alejandro
  • Made Out With Charlie
  • Got Engaged To Charlie


  • In the Sims 2 town of Middlington, she is a "boy magnet" teenage girl meaning she is in a relationship with all the male teen boys. If you send her to college, she'll be staying with her two boyfriends Charlie Party and Alejandro Buerromuerto. Alejandro could have been the boy who broke up with her in the Sims 3 town of Sunset Valley but it's unconfirmed.
  • Her appearance in both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 look different. In Sims 2, she has short red (but not really red) hair with no black streaks, has blue eye shadow, white face blush, and black lipstick. Her outfit consists of a red shirt with unicorns on it with a shiny red skirt with black knee-length boots and black choker. In Sims 3, she has real red hair with black streaks (the appearance of the hair looks different),and her makeup consists of pink eye shadow and black lipstick. Her outfit is a short black and white diagonal striped dress with knee-length boots (with pointy heels) and wears a skull medal choker. Her eye color stays the same in both games which is a slight blue.

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