Star-Ella Creecher
Name Star-Ella Creecher
Gender Female
Marital Status Single
Current Job None
Residency/Household Barnacle Bay, The Creecher Family
Life Stage Child
Life State Human
Lifetime Wish Raise 5 Children
Favorite Music Kids
Favorite Food Lobster Thermidor
Favorite Color Pink
Created by Secretive13

Star-Ella Creecher is a female Child Sim who was born in Barnacle Bay. Her parents are the married couple Carolina and Vincent "Vinny" Creecher while her older sister is the mysterious one named Creepie. She is best friends with her parents and Creepie. With story progression on, she will usually develop friends like Charlie Party and Alejandro Buerromuerto.


  • Over-Emotional
  • Family-Oriented
  • Excitable


  • With story progression and aging turned on, she might either date Charlie Party or Alejandro Buerromuerto or possibly both.
  • When Star-Ella becomes a teenager, her hair becomes shorter like Creepie's.