Sophie Baker resides in SimsVille as a member of the Baker family.


  • Aspiration: Fortune
  • Job: Medical (formerly Law, Criminal, and Slacker)
  • Personality: Active and serious


Sophie was made alongside her roomate John Baker. They had negative chemistry but the creator forced them into loving eachother. When Sophie got engaged to John the two tried for a baby, resulting in Sophie being pregnant. Sophie ate cheesecake and gave birth to twins Cady and Henry. She later adopted Brenda and gave birth to Lavender. When on her honeymoon she befriended Lydia Couderc, a far east native. Later Lydia visited and a lifelong friendship was formed. Sophie was originally meant to have a hobby in fitness but she only got a level four athletic skill. Sophie is now an elder who is very high in her job as a Resident in the medical career.


  • She has had three jobs in the past: originally she was in the Law career because it was available the first day of playing. She later quit and became a Slacker, which she hated. So she joined the Criminal career, which was good for Fortune sims. However the creator thought Sophie wouldn't be evil so she got her a job in the medical career.



Sophie as an elder with the pets.