Secretive13's Sunset Valley is- well, Secretive13's Sunset Valley!


  • The Cull Clamp Family - Ame Cull Clamp and Jamie Cull Clamp
  • The Test Family - Jennifer Test, Johnny Test, and Maurice Test
  • The "*Secretive's Last Name Here*" Family - Ashley and Isabel "*Secretive's Last Name Here*"
  • Single Moms Household - River McIrish, Fiona McIrish, Molly French, and Sandi French
  • Crumplebottom Family - Agnes Crumplebottom
  • Working Friends Household - Tori Kimura, Madison VanWatson, Ayesha Ansari, and Monika Morris
  • Kennedy Family - Erin Kennedy
  • Alvi Family - Iqbal Alvi, VJ Alvi, and Miraj Alvi
  • Steel Family - Christopher Steel
  • Goth Family - Gunther Goth, Cornelia Goth, and Mortimer Goth
  • Bachelor Family - Simis Bachelor, Jocasta Bachelor, Michael Bachelor, and Bella Bachelor
  • Jolina Family - Jamie Jolina
  • Landgraab Family - Geoffrey Landgraab, Nancy Landgraab, and Malcolm Landgraab
  • Wolff Family - Thornton Wolff and Morgana Wolff
  • Keaton Family - Marty Keaton and Justine Keaton
  • Roomies Household (The Sims 3) - Stiles McGraw, Tamara Donner, Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, Emma Hatch, and Blair Wainwright
  • Wainwright Family - Boyd Wainwright and Susan Wainwright
  • Frio Family - Connor Frio and Jared Frio
  • Bunch Family - Jack Bunch, Judy Bunch, Ethan Bunch, Lisa Bunch, Arlo Bunch, and Darlene Bunch
  • Ursine Family - Claire Ursine
  • Sekemoto Family - Yumi Sekemoto, Leighton Sekemoto, and Sam Sekemoto
  • Hart Family - Bebe Hart, Dorie Hart, and Gus Hart
  • Wan-Goddard Family - Hank Goddard and Pauline Wan
  • Andrews Family - Beau Andrews and Victoria Andrews
  • Koffi Family - Gobias Koffi
  • Langerak Family - Kaylynn Langerak, Parker Langerak, Dustin Langerak, Iliana Langerak, and Zelda Mae
  • Clavell Family - Buster Clavell, Bessie Clavell, and Xander Clavell
  • Alto Family - Nick Alto, Vita Alto, and Holly Alto


  • There is another Test Family in Twinbrook except it's called the "Young Adult 0.1 Household" which includes conflicting sisters Jennifer and Jeniece Goth and Jennifer's boyfriend Johnny Test. Also, Jennifer and Johnny are going steady instead of being married plus they have a girl instead of a boy. Additionally, Jeniece wasn't in the original family.
  • Jeniece is nicknamed Janet. This is just her nickname unlike Creepie since Janet is her real name.
  • One of the new families' last names is super top secret which is why read "*My Last Name Here*".
  • If you leave story progression on, Ame might have a romantic interest with Leighton Sekemoto and Ashley might have a romantic interest with Parker Langerak (though it depends on Ashley's evil ways).
  • Jennifer and Jeniece also appear in the Sims 2 series, living in Pleasantview with Mortimer, Cassandra, and Alexander Goth. Cassandra is their mom. Though in the original Sims 3, it is unknown how Jennifer has the Goth name even though Mortimer and Bella were just kids and Cassandra was never born.