Secretive13's Barnacle Bay is an exotic pirate town where everyone got sadly evicted, mostly because of the mysterious ghost pirates haunting the town. But thanks to a man named Drew Winthrop, he exterminated all the ghosts. Another man named Paul Winthrop then became the mayor and convinced a few people to move to Barnacle Bay. But the next year after the first mayor election, a woman named Rosalyn Marshall become mayor and Paul was furious. Since then, Rosalyn has won every mayor election and completed her Lifetime Wish of Leader Of The Free World.


  • The Creecher Family: Creepie, Star-Ella, Vinnie, and Carolina Creecher
  • The Goth Family: Jennifer, Jeniece, Ethan, and Elizabeth Goth
  • The Test Family: Johnny, Susan, Mary, Luke, Lila, and Gretchen Test
  • Girls Only Household: Amanda Jane and Rosalyn Marshall, Joslyn and Brenda Spooks, and Elmira Clamp and Jamie Cull Clamp
  • Dudes Plus Young Ones Household: Isabella and Sir Charles Marshall, Kevin "Funs" and Morcubus Spooks, and Barney Cull, Mira Cull, and Ame Clamp Cull
  • The Winthrop Family: Preston, Paul, and Paula Winthrop
  • The Anerson Family: Ian Anerson, Andrea Anerson, and Violet Nightshade
  • The Smarts Family: Luis, Logan, and Susie Smarts
  • The Party Family: Charlie and Lisa Party
  • The Tarantula Family: Skipper and Marge Tarantula
  • The Gray Family: King Mike, Evelyn, and Madison Gray


  • Sometimes if you leave story progression on, the adults from both the Girls Only and Dudes Plus Young Ones households will be all romantically interested in each other (ex.: Sir Charles and Rosalyn, Elmira and Barney, and Morcubus and Brenda). Unfortunately, Morcubus is also romantically interested in his boss (a female) when story progression is left on.
  • When playing the Goth family for the first time and the girls come back from school, Ame will come over as Jeniece's friend.
  • New families move in almost everyday.
  • The Test family is actually based off the family in the real life cartoon show "Johnny Test". There are only two different things in this family- Dukey (Johnny's pet dog and only best friend besides Jennifer Goth) isn't in the family (due to no pets in Sims 3 yet) and Lila (Johnny and his older sisters' mom) gave birth to Gretchen (though in the show Johnny's mom is too busy to become pregnant. Mostly because the show was kid-friendly).
  • All of Secretive's characters in Sims 3 (excluding their parents) are all born as children. The only teen Sims in the town are Mary and Susan (Johnny's genius sisters) and the Gray twins, Evelyn and Madison. Though in Sims 2, Secretive's characters were teens in the game. Somehow, the Gray twins didn't appear in Sims 2.
  • Strangely if some of the teens grow up, thier Lifetime Wishes don't match to their personality. To fix this, you need to get at least 10,000 Lifetime Happiness points in order to change their Lifetime Wish.
  • There are many weird relationships with the teenagers. Some are engaged even though that option is restricted until they become at least young adults. For example, Ian is engaged to Mira, Skipper is engaged to Creepie, and Star-Ella is engaged to Charlie.
  • If the Marshalls' story progression is left on, Isabella will develop a romatic interest in Zachary Hutchinson but being in a committed relationship with Rhett Schrieber.
  • Sometimes some residents will gain celebrity status which was unexpected since the creator installed Late Night.