Naomi Young
Naomi Young
Name Naomi Young
Gender Female
Marital Status Single
Current Job Unemployed
Residency/Household Sunset Valley, The Sixsome household
Life Stage Young Adult
Life State Normal
Lifetime Wish Professional Author
Favorite Music Custom
Favorite Food Tri-Trip Steak
Favorite Color Blue
Created by BlankyXP

Naomi Young is a prestigious author from Sunset Valley. Although unemployed, she makes thousands upon thousands of Simoleons writing books. So far, she has written at least 25 books, several of which are bestsellers. Naomi is a bit reclusive, preferring to stay home writing to her heart's content on the computer in her room, but occasionally goes out to buy groceries/books, attend classes to learn new skills, and meet new people at the central park. She generally gets along well with her roommates.

You'll often find her in her room typing up a new story, watching TV in the living room, sitting somewhere in the house reading a book of some sort, or being tutored by fellow roommate Dominick Hawthorne in the kitchen. It is also stated in her bio that she has a "ravenous appetite" for potatoes.


  • Good Sense of Humor
  • Couch Potato
  • Absent-Minded
  • Heavy Sleeper
  • Computer Whiz
Naomi Writing

Relationships with Other SimsEdit


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Dominick HawthorneEdit


Naomi is Dominick's favorite object of cynicism, always liking to criticize her and point out her faults, usually her absent-mindedness (much to Naomi's constant chagrin). The two share somewhat of a big brother, little sister relationship, though, the both of them are the same age. Dominick, from time to time, acts as a mentor and tutors Naomi on various skills, usually logic, though he also has tutored her on gardening, handiness (so she won't electrocute herself trying to fix her constantly defunctioning computer), painting, and various other activities. Dominick, however, does acknowledge her ability to write, and appreciates her books. He occasionally likes giving her constructive criticism and advice as she writes. Overall, the two get along quite well, even if they bicker from time to time.

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Mia WongEdit


Next to Mia's sheer energy, bubbly personality, and optimism, Naomi seems to be very quiet and lethargic in comparison. Naomi is outspoken quite often and usually doesn't know what to say to Mia's bubbly blabber. Although the two have somewhat different personalities, Naomi and Mia seem to get along well in general. Mia is usually the one doing most of the talking, but she appreciates Naomi's listening ear. Conversely, Naomi, despite being speechless most of the time in their conversations, seems to find Mia an interesting person to listen to. Mia is also well-concerned with Naomi's well-being and always asks hows she's doing.


  • Naomi is slightly based off of her creator.