Mia Wong
Mia Wong
Name Mia Wong
Gender Female
Marital Status Single
Current Job Chef
Residency/Household Sunset Valley, The Sixsome household
Life Stage Young Adult
Life State Normal
Lifetime Wish Celebrated Five-Star Chef
Favorite Music Pop
Favorite Food Cookies
Favorite Color Hot Pink
Created by BlankyXP

Mia Wong is a five-star chef, currently residing by the beaches of Sunset Valley with her five roommates. Sweet, friendly, and kind, Mia is an easy person to like. She has many acquaintances and friends, getting along with many people, and has no enemies in particular. A bit of a romantic, she falls head-over-heels quite often over men, and loves indulging herself in a good romance novel. Also extremely charitable like her eccentric roommate Ash May, both of them love working together to donate to charities and help in the cause of saving llamas from going extinct.

You'll often see her on her laptop, chatting with others and meeting new people on the net, talking with her friends on the phone, reading romance, or watching the cooking channel. Everyone in her household also looks toward her for the responsibility of cooking meals (the rest of them barely know how to cook anything beyond a grilled cheese sandwich).


  • Friendly
  • Natural Cook
  • Flirty
  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Good

Relationships with Other SimsEdit


Cynthia LaneEdit


By far, Mia and Cynthia arguably get along the most out of everybody else in the household. The two often like to chatter hours on end, and love to spend their workout regimens together. They also both bear the primary domestic responsibilities of the household; Mia with the cooking, and Cynthia with the cleaning.

Naomi YoungEdit


Next to Mia's sheer energy, bubbly personality, and optimism, Naomi seems to be very quiet and lethargic in comparison. Naomi is outspoken quite often and usually doesn't know what to say to Mia's bubbly blabber. Although the two have somewhat different personalities, Naomi and Mia seem to get along well in general. Mia is usually the one doing most of the talking, but she appreciates Naomi's listening ear. Conversely, Naomi, despite being speechless most of the time in their conversations, seems to find Mia an interesting person to listen to. Mia is also well-concerned with Naomi's well-being and always asks hows she's doing.

Connor BriarEdit

Ash MayEdit

Dominick HawthorneEdit


Mia has been shown to be evidently attracted to Dominick's intelligence and supposed "good looks", though Dominick is rather indifferent to Mia's romantic advances. She constantly flirts with him, usually ending up creeping him out, though she doesn't actually realize this very much. They do actually get along fine when Mia isn't flirting. Mia is relatively friendly to him, always politely asking how he's doing and trying to brighten his day. Dominick genuinely likes her at times, but always ends up being creeped out by her flirtatious advances.