Lulu Anne Creecher is a female child living in Bridgeport first born to Star-Ella and Charlie Creecher. She lives with them, her aunt Creepie Creecher, and her two little brothers who happen to be vampires along with her dad and aunt. Lulu Anne is best friends with her mom, friends with Sebastian Striker, and acquaintances with the rest of her family members.


  • Food: TBA
  • Color: TBA
  • Music: TBA


  • Perceptive
  • Disciplined
  • Adventurous
  • Easily Impressed


  • Since she was born from a three-celebrity, she is now a one-star celebrity.
  • She is the only non-vampire besides her mom.
  • Lulu Anne is now a teenager.


Lulu Anne-1

Lulu Anne's birthday transition from toddler to child.

Lulu Anne-2

Lulu Anne as a child.

Lulu Anne-3

Lulu Anne's birthday transition from child to teen.


Lulu Anne as a lovely teenage girl.

Lulu Anne Has Grown So Fast...

Lulu Anne's first kiss with her teen love interest Sebastian Striker.

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