Lilly-Bo Chique
Name Lilly-Bo Chique
Gender Female
Marital Status Beau Merrick (boyfriend)
Current Job Best Girl
Residency/Household Mixture of Good and Bad Household
Life Stage Young adult
Life State Sim
Lifetime Wish Distinguished director
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Created by Icecream18

Lilly-Bo Chique lives in a penthouse in Icecream18's Bridgeport. She is going steady with Beau Merrick, and became friends with Bianca Rubble again! She is currently the best girl in the film career, working with her sister Flo-Flo who is a distinguished director (using testingcheatsenabled). She lives with her 4 star celebrity sister, Flo-Flo, friend Bianca, Becca Bijou, Dwight Rubble, and Ebenizer Clavier, boyfriend Beau, and enemy Marina.