John Baker resides in SimsVille as a member of the Baker family.


  • Aspiration: Family
  • Personality: Neat, nice, and shy.
  • Job: Unempolyed (formerly in military career)


John was made as an adult along with Sophie Baker, his roomate. They had negative chemistry but the creator made them love eachother anyway. He was made as a family man who wanted to cook, clean, and care for the kids. After Sophie became pregnant, he studied cooking so he could make cheesecake to make her have twins. It was successful and Cady and Henry Baker were born. When they were toddlers, John taught Henry potty training. John later adopted Brenda Baker and later had another daughter, Lavender Baker. John loves doing tai-chi since he learned it on his honeymoon to Takemizu Village. He is currently an elder who mastered the cooking skill.


  • Despite his happy family life, John suffered depression in his adulthood. He was often seen crying and had an aspiration in the red.
  • John mastered the cooking skill.
  • John is no longer depressed: once he became an elder, his kids all got college scholarships (except Lavender), making his aspiration run to platinum.
  • Once they graduate, he will have completed his Lifetime Wish of having three kids graduate from college.