Jennifer "Jenny Jen Gothic" Goth
Jennifer Goth Sims 3
Name Jennifer "Jenny Jen Gothic" Goth
Gender Female
Marital Status Single
Current Job None
Residency/Household Barnacle Bay, The Goth Family
Life Stage Child
Life State Human
Lifetime Wish Master Thief
Favorite Music Electronica
Favorite Food Waffles
Favorite Color Black
Created by Secretive13

Jennifer "Gothic" Goth is a female Child Sim living in Barnacle Bay with her parents and her "goody two shoes" twin sister Jeniece. She has been living in Barnacle Bay ever since she was a baby. Jennifer is best friends with her dad, friends with her mom, and enemies with her sister (due to their conficting traits). She also knows people outside her home- Johnny Test is her best friend while she is acquaintances with Creepie, Amanda Jane, Joslyn, and Jamie. Her room has red walls with gothic decorations such as the cowplant(not from Sims 2 but the small decoration in Sims 3), a skull and crossed bones rug, a CD rack, and a red lamp and dresser. Her room could hint that she is goth. Her clothing also indicates that, seeing that she wears her short black hair back with a black and white striped headband, wears a pale pink sleeveless shirt and black skirt and hiking boots, and wears a jogger's black-and-white wristband. Jennifer wears black earrings.


Hair Color Black

Eye Color Brown

Skin Color Light

Body Shape Thin


  • Party Animal
  • Rebellious
  • Evil


  • If story progression and aging are turned on, Jennifer will start dating her best friend Johnny when they become teens.
  • However, both Jennifer and Jeniece will develop the Flirty trait so if Jennifer catches her sister flirting with Johnny, she'll hate her more and will forgive Johnny. But the opposite, if Johnny catches Jennifer flirting with some other guy, he won't talk to her.
  • Jennifer could be related to the Goth family from Sims 2 though it is unconfirmed since the Goth family in Sims 3 lives in Sunset Valley.
  • Eventually Jennifer will become tired of the Never Nude trait when she becomes a young adult. She will develop the following traits- Evil, Party Animal, Great Kisser, Flirty, and Childish.
  • Although if the new expansion pack (Sims 3 Generations) is installed, her Great Kisser trait will be replaced with the Rebellious trait. The Rebellious trait would actually fit her since she would love to pull pranks on her sister and others with Johnny.
  • She is up for download on the Sims 3 website except her name on the site is Jennifer Goth.
  • Also in her bio, it says she has a crush on the new boy Johnny Test but it says in her relationship panel that they are best friends. It is possible that she tries to act like his best friend and when they grow up, develop true feelings for him.
  • Jennifer is actually the oldest sister. If played for the first time, she will have three days to becoming a teen while Jeniece has only seven days.