Jamie as a Young Adult.

Jamie Cull Clamp is a female teen in The Sims 2. She lives with her parents and her sister Ame. Her aspiration is Knowledge meaning that she's very serious about earning and keeping her grades good. Ame doesn't like doing homework which is why Jamie has to do it for her while thier parents are sleeping at night. She is friends with her mom and dad. Although Jamie and Ame fight sometimes, they still get along fine. Strangely they are best friends, probably since they were children when their parents got married. She is mean to about every teen in the neighborhood except her Knowledge friends, Luis, and Ame.


  • Learned How To Talk
  • Learned How To Walk
  • Became Potty-Trained
  • Made Best Friends With Elmira
  • Grew Up Well
  • Elmira Got Engaged
  • Elmira Got Married
  • Met Ame
  • Met Barney
  • Made Best Friends With Ame
  • Made Best Friends With Barney
  • Learned How To Study
  • Got An A Report Card
  • Met Luis
  • Made Best Friends with Luis
  • Grew Up Well
  • Ame Grew Up Well
  • Mira Joined The Family
  • First Date With Luis
  • Had Very First Kiss With Luis
  • Kissed Luis For The First Time
  • Had A Dream Date With Luis
  • Taught Mira How To Talk
  • Fell In Love With Luis
  • Went Steady With Luis
  • Went To College
  • Grew Up Well
  • Ame Went To College
  • Ame Grew Up Well
  • Got Engaged To Luis
  • Had Very First Woohoo With Luis
  • Had Woohoo With Luis


  • In both Sims 2 and Sims 3, even though Jamie and Ame are the same age (Sims 2-Teen;Sims 3-Young Adult), Jamie is actually the oldest sister.
  • If you look at Jamie's memories above, it indicates that Jamie and Luis met at a young age (Child) and started dating at their teen years.

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Jamie as a Teenager.