JacksonVille is one of Katrina the Rich Girl's versions of Sunset Valley. All of the families have been evicted and new ones have been put in their places. It is a suburban town although it has many trees, lakes, ponds, hills, etc. The residents are users from MySims Wiki and their original characters.

Families and Their HomesEdit

  • Golden Adobe - owned by the Locks Family (Gold Locks)
  • Natural Disaster - owned by the Dented Household (Jason Maxwell)
  • Sun in the Sky - owned by the Skyler Family (Sky Skyler)
  • Retirement Castle - owned by the Marshall Family (Isabella Marshall and Rosalyn Marshall)
  • Anime-Super-Fan Abode - owned by the Kaneko Househld (Hikari Kaneko)
  • Punk Rock Palace - owned by the The Babysitting Job household (Katrina Skullfinder, Kevin Skullfinder, and Katherine Lupin)
  • Marshallmallow - owned by the Roseaux Family (Katie Roseaux)
  • Peace Place - owned by the Grayton Family (Michael Grayton)
  • Near The Beach, Near The Library - owned by the Cull Clamp Family (Elmira Clamp, Barney Cull, Mira Cull Clamp, Jamie Cull Clamp, and Ame Cull Clamp)
  • Blanky's Blank Blanket - owned by the Threesome Household (Naomi Young, Dominick Hawthorne, and Ash May)
  • Gothbottom Manor - owned by the Gothbottom Household (Mortimer Goth, Agnes Crumplebottom, Cornelia Goth, and Gunther Goth)

Community lotsEdit

Rabbit HolesEdit

  • Police Department - Police Department
  • Mickey D.'s - Diner

Non-Rabbit HolesEdit

  • Skullfinder Museum - Art Museum
  • Cull Clamp Library - Library
  • Old Pier Beach - Beach


(See the Inhabited section above)


  • It's name, JacksonVille, was suggested by a friend of the creator, who named it off of one of her original characters.


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