Evelyn Gray
Dowload Evie
Name Evelyn Gray
Gender Female
Marital Status Single
Current Job Unemployed
Residency/Household Bridgeport, The Gray Family
Life Stage Young Adult
Life State Vampire
Lifetime Wish Martial Arts Master
Favorite Music Pop
Favorite Food Peanut Butter and Jelly(Human);O-Positive(Vampire)
Favorite Color Red
Created by Secretive13

Evelyn Gray is a beautiful mysterious young woman living in Secretive13's Bridgeport. She currently has six children, which are two human girls and four vampire boys. Evelyn herself is also a vampire due to being bitten by one. She uses these vampire powers to seduce men for their plasma. Evelyn is rich and a five-star celebrity though she has no job, she still earns money. Her Lifetime Wish is to become a Martial Arts Master. She is close to achieving this since she mastered her Martial Arts skill. Evelyn has also mastered her Cooking skill. She is halfway from mastering her Drums and Fishing skills. You can download her here.


  • Food: Peanut Butter and Jelly (Human); O-Positive (Vampire)
  • Color: Red
  • Music: Pop


  • Disciplined
  • Natural Cook
  • Friendly
  • Easily Impressed
  • Good


  • If you play as Evelyn and purchase the Master Of Seduction Lifetime Reward for her, she will usually have thought bubbles about love though she will not pose like all Flirty Sims when they have thoughts about love.
  • Sometimes, Evelyn's wishes will be around love. For example, she will want to Woohoo with a romantic interest or serenade that romatic interest with her drums. She will also want to Get Married.
  • Evelyn is from the EA game, MySims Agents. In Sims 3, Evelyn's personality is kinda almost the same. She has the Good and Friendly trait.
  • She was first born in Barnacle Bay as a teenager who lives with her twin sister Madison and her dad. They then moved to Twinbrook when her dad got a job transfer. She meets her first love interest in a boy named Shark Racket but doesn't know that the rest of his family(except his sister) is either evil or mean-spirited which conflicts with her traits(Good and Friendly).
  • In her bio on the Sims 3 Community website, it says that she is mysterious and beautiful which are true.
  • She is the only one in her family to have a romantic relationship.
  • It seems her only known family members are her sister and her dad. It is unknown who her mother is since she does not appear in her family tree.