Dominick Hawthorne
Dominick Hawthorne
Name Dominick Hawthorne
Gender Male
Marital Status Single
Current Job Scientist
Residency/Household Sunset Valley, The Sixsome household
Life Stage Young Adult
Life State Normal
Lifetime Wish Perfect Mind, Perfect Body
Favorite Music Indie
Favorite Food Spaghetti
Favorite Color Green
Created by BlankyXP

Dominick Hawthorne is a scientist currently residing by the beaches of Sunset Valley. He is prestigious in the neighborhood, well known for his sound mind and logic. He's actually not a particularly ambitious person; really, if he had a choice, he'd sit at home all day playing chess. However, he's quite hardworking and keeps towards what he needs to do. As soon as he comes home from work, he opens up a book on gardening, handiness, or whatever skills he may need to pick up in order to do his best at work.

Dominick is bored quite often and usually not in a very good mood, though he's surprisingly witty and likes to crack a good joke or two every now and then, so he's not an entirely serious bloke. In his spare time, Dominick likes to play chess, and he loves a good challenge. You'll often see him playing chess on the net, or with his child roommate Connor Briar, pretty much one of the only people that provides him a decent challenge, despite the age difference (much to Dominick's amazement, and he's not the easiest guy to impress).


  • Genius
  • Good Sense of Humor
  • Grumpy
  • Clumsy
  • Unflirty

Relationships with Other SimsEdit


Connor BriarEdit


Connor is not only one of the only people to provide Dominick a decent challenge in chess; he's also pretty much one of the only people (or at least, in the household) whom can understand any of Dominick's intellectual lectures. Dominick is quite impressed of Connor because of this and respects him as an equal, treating him as if he were another adult instead of an 8 year old child, which Connor appreciates, making these two the best of friends.

Naomi YoungEdit


Naomi is Dominick's favorite object of cynicism, always liking to criticize her and point out her faults, usually her absent-mindedness (much to Naomi's constant chagrin). The two share somewhat of a big brother, little sister relationship, though, the both of them are the same age. Dominick, from time to time, acts as a mentor and tutors Naomi on various skills, usually logic, though he also has tutored her on gardening, handiness (so she won't electrocute herself trying to fix her constantly defunctioning computer), painting, and various other activities. Dominick, however, does acknowledge her ability to write, and appreciates her books. He occasionally likes giving her constructive criticism and advice as she writes. Overall, the two get along quite well, even if they bicker from time to time.

Ash MayEdit


Ash seems to find Dominick one of his favorite people to take out his insanity at, along with Cynthia and Connor. Dominick finds Ash hilarious, but admittedly gets a little freaked out by him. The two also occasionally play chess, usually with Dominick winning, but Ash surprisingly gets in a few wins from time to time.

Mia WongEdit


Mia has been shown to be evidently attracted to Dominick's intelligence and supposed "good looks", though Dominick is rather indifferent to Mia's romantic advances. She constantly flirts with him, usually ending up creeping him out, though she doesn't actually realize this very much. They do actually get along fine when Mia isn't flirting. Mia is relatively friendly to him, always politely asking how he's doing and trying to brighten his day. Dominick genuinely likes her at times, but always ends up being creeped out by her flirtatious advances.

Cynthia LaneEdit


Dominick and Cynthia don't interact too much, but they seem to get along fine. Cynthia seems to well admire his intellect and likes to compliment his cleverness from time to time, though Dominick always modestly denies it.


  • Dominick is based off of a character of the same name in a book/story that his creator is currently planning to write. This Sim is basically an older version of the Dominick Hawthorne in said story, whom is actually 14 years old.
  • His original name was Alistair Hawthorne, but it was later changed at the City Hall. In JacksonVille, Katrina changed it back to Alistair.
  • Dominick rarely cares to interact with anybody else in the household, save for Connor and Naomi, so his relationship levels with most of the others are rather low. He seems to be the least outgoing out of all the members in the household. Although, he has many connections and friends outside of the household.