Cynthia Lane
Cynthia Lane
Name Cynthia Lane
Gender Female
Marital Status Single
Current Job Rock Star
Residency/Household Sunset Valley, The Sixsome household
Life Stage Adult
Life State Normal
Lifetime Wish Rock Star
Favorite Music Pop
Favorite Food Pancakes
Favorite Color Violet
Created by BlankyXP

Cynthia Lane is a well-renowned rock star from Sunset Valley. She lives a luxurious lifestyle with her 5 roommates by the beach. Cynthia is an adult Sim, making her the second oldest in the household, next to Ash May. She acts as a mother/big sister figure of sorts to everybody else, including Ash, even though he's technically the elder, since he' know.

It is stated in her bio that she is an awful cook, unlike her roommate Mia Wong, whom she is very good friends with. She's often found cleaning the house, taking out the garbage, making the beds, cleaning after the others, and the like. If she's not cleaning up everything, she's usually practicing her guitar, learning new songs, surfing the net on her purple laptop, or doing a cardio workout, watching the fitness channel on the TV. She's quite athletic, having an athletic skill level of 10. Even though she's not overweight, Cynthia constantly fusses over her weight and continually works out because of this. You can also find her at the central park, playing her guitar for tips, usually with other Sims crowding around, pouring buckets of Simoleons into her guitar case, and screaming for more.


  • Virtuoso
  • Neat
  • Heavy Sleeper
  • Ambitious
  • Perfectionist

Relationships with Other SimsEdit


Mia WongEdit


By far, Mia and Cynthia arguably get along the most out of everybody else in the household. The two often like to chatter hours on end, and love to spend their workout regimens together. They also both bear the primary domestic responsibilities of the household; Mia with the cooking, and Cynthia with the cleaning.

Ash MayEdit

Naomi YoungEdit

Connor BriarEdit

Dominick HawthorneEdit


Dominick and Cynthia don't interact too much, but they seem to get along fine. Cynthia seems to well admire his intellect and likes to compliment his cleverness from time to time, though Dominick always modestly denies it.


  • Cynthia is actually a premade Sim that comes with the Sims 3 base game, with some slight alterations.