Creepie Creecher is a female young adult living in Bridgeport who will become a vampire if you leave story progression on. Originally, she used to live in Barnacle Bay(she and Star-Ella were actually born from there!) but a tragic accident happened to her parents when she and her sister were teens. Though she doesn't mourn for them as much as Star-Ella does, she still feels sorrows. When they became young adults, they stayed in Sunset Valley for awhile but then moved to the bustling town of Bridgeport(mostly for the parties there). She is (and always will be) very overprotective of Star-Ella, mostly with the guys that she dates. She's mostly concerned with her sister's fiáncee Charlie Party. Her boyfriend is Vladimir Schlick when she becomes a vampire. Creepie has alot of friends due to her being a vampire. She gets a positive moodlet for being around friends since she has the Shy trait. Her astrological sign is Cancer.


  • Food: Stu Surprise (Human); O-Positive (Vampire)
  • Color: Purple
  • Music: Pop


  • Unflirty
  • Shy
  • Never Nude
  • Photographer's Eye
  • Frugal


Bouncing Baby Boy Born

Last night, the Creecher household welcomed a healthy 7.5 pound baby boy named Drake to the household. The child is now resting at home comfortably.

Bouncing Baby Boy Born

Last night, the Creecher household welcomed a healthy 7.5 pound baby boy named Jacques to the household. The child is now resting at home comfortably.


  • Her real name is Janet, not Creepie.
  • Her last name, "Creecher", is a pun of the word, "Creature".
  • Her biggest paparazzi fear is people knowing her real name's Janet(especially the vampires knowing).
  • In her bio, it says that "Vampires have always been an interest to Creepie and she hopes one of them will bite her one day!", which exactly happens when she arrives in Bridgeport.
  • When her creator got Sims 3 WA, she decided to change her Loner trait to the Photographer's Eye trait since Creepie loves taking pictures.



Creepie asks her boss to turn her into a vampire.


Creepie's vampire transformation.


Creepie as a full vampire.


Creepie close up in vampire form.


Creepie running super fast as a vampire.


Creepie dancing(of course in vampire form).


Creepie in vampiric slumber.


Creepie in China with her white belt.


Creepie hunting for plasma.


Chinese paparazzi snapping photos of vampire Creepie.


Creepie with her yellow belt.


Creepie with her orange belt.


Creepie in her green belt.


A guy asks Creepie to turn him into a vampire.


A mysterious red-haired woman asks Creepie to turn her into a vampire and Creepie says yes while Charlie checks some girl out. Is it the woman or Creepie? Most not Creepie.


Creepie angrily slaps Charlie.


Creepie fights Charlie and she wins.


A romantic hug.


Creepie's first kiss. Aw!


Creepie shows Star-Ella the Banshee Banisher.

Two Vampires

Two vampires going steady.

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