Creepie Creecher is a female Child Sim living in the exotic pirate town of Secretive13's Barnacle Bay. Barnacle Bay is where she lived since she was born. She lives in a very huge mansion with her happily married parents and her young sister Star-Ella. Though she may be rich, she doesn't like talking about it at school even with her friends.


Hair Color Black (with green,yellow,and pink streaks)

Eye Color Grey

Skin Tone Light

Body Shape Thin


  • Frugal
  • Photographer's Eye
  • Never Nude


  • Music: Pop
  • Food: Stu Surprise
  • Color: Purple


  • When Creepie ages into a teenager, her hair will somehow become shorter like Star-Ella.
  • If Generations is installed, she'll strangely have an Imaginary Friend in her inventory. This is a strong possibility that Creepie's mom may have bought it for her. However, Imaginary Friends weren't added until Generations. Although someone could have dropped it off at the Creecher's home.
  • In her bio, it'll say that she didn't want to be in her parent's wedding as the flower girl. This states that she may be the only one besides Joslyn to hate weddings. Why she hates weddings is unknown and a big mystery to other Sims in the town. She possibly hates them because she is always depressed how people look happy when they get married and how she can't find true love.
  • However though, players could pair her up with her childhood friend Skipper Tarantula though the wish to "Get Married" does not appear.