Barney Cull - Teh Sims 3
Barney Cull is a deceased male elder living in JacksonVille. He died drowning. According to two of her daughters, Ame and Mira, he was sad that his wife, Elmira, died so he went fishing at Old Pier Beach. Barney caught a whale and reeled it in. The the whale thrashed around and tried to escape, breaking the dock and causing Barney to drown. Ame and Mira were on the beach tanning at the time. Barney Cull's middle daughter, Jamie doesn't believe them and thinks that her father just moved to Barnacle Bay because he kept on saying how much better it was then JacksonVille. Jamie will always say she's right, but Ame and Mira say majority rule wins. Jamie says that's unfair because if her mother was still alive, she'd agree with her. But Elmira is dead and so is Barney... so how will these girls live with each other if they're always arguing? His sign is and his lifetime wish is to become.


  • Food: Sushi
  • Colour: Blue
  • Music: Latin


  • Brave
  • Adventurous
  • Angler
  • Family-Oriented
  • Hot-Headed