The Baker family resides in SimsVille. They are the town's founders an most played family.


Icecream18 first made two sims; John and Sophie Baker. Despite sharing a last name they were not married. This was becuase Icecream wanted to explore every aspect of the game, including dating. Sophie was a fortune sim who wanted to work and make money. John was a family sim who wanted to cook, clean, and care for their kids. They originally had negative chemistry but Icecream forced them to love each other. After they were engaged, Sophie got pregnant and moved in to a new house. John studied cooking so he could make cheesecake to have twins. It was succesful and Cady and Henry Baker were born. When the twins were almost teens, they adopted Brenda Baker. Later they had another daughter, Lavender Baker. Brenda, Cady, and Henry are all currently attending Academie Le Tour.


  • John Baker - made as an adult, currently an elder. Family Sim.
  • Sophie Baker - made as an adult, currently an elder. Fortune Sim.
  • Cady Baker - originally unborn, now a young adult. Romance Sim.
  • Henry Baker - originally unborn, now a young adult. Popularity Sim.
  • Brenda Baker - originally in the adoption pool, now a young adult. Knowledge Sim.
  • Lavender Baker - originally unborn, now a child. Grow Up Sim.


  • Bronco - adopted pet. Male
  • Lady - adopted pet, for breeding with Bronco. Female
  • Midnight - puppy of Bronco and Lady. Female