Ashley Marshall is a female young adult living in Sunset Valley with her flirty little sister who is also a young adult. She wishes to become the Empress of Evil but it's kinda hard since she's engaged and about to become a mother in the next few days.


  • Food: Pancakes
  • Color: Black
  • Music: Pop


  • Evil
  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Genius
  • Virtusuo
  • Loner


  • Her last name isn't Marshall. The creator didn't want to use her real last name though she did in the game.
  • If you leave story progression on, she might have a romantic interest in Parker Langerak even though she's engaged to Stile McGrawes.
  • Ashley's traits are actually based off of her creator except her appearance.
  • Ashley Marshall and Amanda Jane Asino are actually the same person.



Ashley jumps into Stile's arms.


Ashley eats while Isabel reads.


Ashley and Isabel in a chess match.


Ashley kisses Stile for the first time.


Ashley and Stile going steady.


Ashley having symptoms.


Ashley pregnant and thinking about Simoleans.

Ashley Marshall-8

Stile carries his child Tina.

The baby is coming!

Ashley about to have her kid.

Ashley Carrying Her Daughter

Ashley and her twin daughter Gina.

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