Ash May
Ash May
Name Ash May
Gender Male
Marital Status Single
Current Job Unemployed
Residency/Household Sunset Valley, The Sixsome household
Life Stage Elder
Life State Normal
Lifetime Wish World Renowned Surgeon
Favorite Music Electronica
Favorite Food Sushi
Favorite Color Lime
Created by BlankyXP

Ash May is an elderly man currently living by the beaches of Sunset Valley. Folks of the neighborhood would all agree that he's a bit "out there" (which is quite the understatement). His favorite pastimes include staring at paintings, dancing to the stereo, scaring other people, and reading sci-fi novels. He also loves donating to charities (1,000 Simoleons per day), working together with his fellow roommate Mia Wong, and helping to save endangered llamas all over the Sim world.

Although he may not look like it, even if he's...a little wrong in the head, the old codger's much smarter than you might think. He's extremely versatile, at that. Did you know he's had over twenty jobs in his lifetime, several of which he's reached the top at? His resume includes gene therapist, flight officer, criminal mastermind, astronaut, surgeon (God forbid), bookstore clerk, and an endless amount of others. He's also quite the charismatic fossil, as he's befriended over 40 Sims, several of which are his best friends. He gets along pretty well with most of his roommates as well, as much as he freaks them out.


  • Insane
  • Excitable
  • Kleptomaniac
  • Good
  • Friendly

Relationships with Other SimsEdit


Naomi YoungEdit

Mia WongEdit

Cynthia LaneEdit

Connor BriarEdit

Dominick HawthorneEdit

Ash seems to find Dominick one of his favorite people to take out his insanity at, along with Cynthia and Connor. Dominick finds Ash hilarious, but admittedly gets a little freaked out by him. The two also occasionally play chess, usually with Dominick winning, but Ash surprisingly gets in a few wins from time to time.