Amanda Jane Marshall is a female Child Sim living in Barnacle Bay with her parents Rosalyn and Sir Charles and her toddler sister Isabella. Amanda Jane gets along well with all of her family members. Outside of her home, she knows Violet Nightshade (who is her BFF), Ian Arneson (who has a romantic interest in her but she does not know this until Young Adult),her cousins Jamie and Joslyn, her aunts Brenda and Elmira, and Preston Winthrop (who she has a huge crush on when she's a teen although Violet is enemies with him and disapproves of her crush on him). Amanda Jane's room is painted blue and green since those are her favorite colors. Since her dad is a billionaire, he bought a huge mansion near the ocean. Amanda Jane's room also has a work bench where she can work on her inventions peacefully as long as Isabella doesn't crawl in her room. She is a B student due to her Genius trait. When idle, she will start doing her homework if she has it in her inventory.


Hair Color Black

Eye Color Brown

Skin Color Tan

Body Shape Thin


  • Food:
  • Music:
  • Color:


  • Genius
  • Eccentric
  • Computer Whiz


  • Rosalyn and Sir Charles are actually her adoptive parents. She was never born from them. Rosalyn found her at the park and realized she was covered in bruises, which resulted in Amanda Jane living with her. Her actual parents abused her which caused her to run away to the park.
  • It is unknown what may have happened to her real parents. Though wherever they are, Amanda Jane is safely away from them. Also if you look in her family tree, it shows her parents died different deaths though she does not get the "Mourning" moodlet possibly because she is enemies with them.
  • If Generations is installed and you look at her memories, it'll say that she shared her very first kiss with Ian. It is most strange since she thinks of him as just a friend while Ian has a romantic interest on her. It may have been an accidental kiss since for example, Ian may have kissed her and Amanda Jane was surprised that he did.
  • Also she gets in a committed relationship with Preston Winthrop which makes Ian jealous of him. Additionally, she will get married to Preston when they grow up into YA and move into a bigger home with Ian and Violet. Also if you upload Summer and Chaz they will move into their home. Amanda Jane will become enemies with Summer while Amanda Jane has a romantic interest on Chaz. It is up to the player to either pair Amanda Jane up with Ian, Preston, or Chaz. Due to having a friendship with Ian in their childhood and having a very high relationship bar, most players would make Amanda Jane break up with Preston, be friends with Chaz, and get married to Ian.
  • Amanda Jane also appears in the Sims 2. Her aspiration is Knowledge like her cousin Jamie except she's more obsessed with aliens while Jamie only cares about grades. Her sign will be Cancer and her favorite hobby is Science(due to aliens.) However in Sims 3, she confuses people with green skin as aliens. Since Sims 3 is in the past, there were no aliens then but in the time of Sims 2 then do aliens exist. She is also friends with ian while he has a crush on her. However, she shares her first kiss with him, goes to college, and gets engaged to Preston while liking Chaz.