Aidan (insert last name here)
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Name Aidan (insert last name here)
Gender Male
Marital Status Single
Current Job Unemployed
Residency/Household Just Guys Household
Life Stage Starts as teen, currently YA.
Life State Vampire
Lifetime Wish Descenden of DeCaprio DeVinci
Favorite Music Electronica
Favorite Food Fruit Parfait
Favorite Color Green
Created by Icecream18

Aidan resides in the city of Icecream18's Bridgeport in the Just Guys household with other "friends" from his teenhood. (he's enemies with everyone in his household but Ethan *******) rather then the other boys in the house, he would rather sit quietly and read a book or write a book rather then play football (everyone but Ethan) or a video game (Ethan). He is romantic interests with Tiffany Tailor. He has Level 3 cooking, 6 painting, and 1 inveting.


  • Artistic
  • Hot-headed
  • Never Nude
  • Dramatic
  • Neurotic


  • He is based on his creator in appearence and personality, minus the blue highlights.
  • He and Adrian Lobos are actually the same person but he changed his last name when he got married (even though he wasn't supposed to) and his first name.
  • He was fired from the bookstore due to reading the books rather then selling them. (well really the creator just made him quit but)